Why OLF?

Our Lady of Fatima Academy is a genuine, joyful learning environment centered on the value of family.  If you ask our students why this school is special, they all respond that it is like family – they feel safe in their ‘second home,’ and participate in community-building events together.

Though founded on Catholic doctrine, Our Lady of Fatima Academy welcomes children of all faiths. Parents are dedicated to being their children’s primary educators.

Siblings from existing families are given registration priority, followed by children who have been baptized Catholic, then children of other faiths. To ensure their readiness, prospective students for grades TK, K and 1st are administered a developmental test and students entering grades 2nd-8th take an Admission Test.

If we receive more candidates for admission than classroom space, the children will be placed on a waiting list based on the above priorities. Final decisions about admission are at the sole discretion of the church pastor and the academy principal.

There’s a feeling of home one gets sometimes from a scent drifting on the air, a sunbeam pouring through a window, an atmosphere humming in a building.  We experienced that home-again feeling when we walked into Our Lady of Fatima Academy.  You were generous with your time, and we enjoyed every minute of our visit.  We left knowing that we want our children to find a home in OLF.  There is something magical about a small school with big ideas.
(Having attended a) small Catholic grade school, (we) believe there is no better education at any price, because the children learn math, languages, history and science – but also music, art, technology and exercise, and especially the importance of caring about and serving the community.  In this way, school reflects our values at home, but also opens the wider world to our children, guiding their spirits as they take flight.
-Mr. and Mrs. S

Our Lady of Fatima Academy is like my second family. I love school because we get to learn my favorite type of history, California History.  Ever since I was little, I wanted to be part of a beautiful family.  Now that I am in this beautiful family, I will always be a Falcon. I also admire this school because there are many nice and friendly people.  The teachers help us to be the best students we can be. This school has taught me to live like Jesus.  I love Our Lady of Fatima Academy because everyone encourages us to be Lifelong Learners.  In conclusion, I love Our Lady of Fatima Academy and there is no better place for me.

-Mario M

Our Lady of Fatima means a lot to me in a variety of heartfelt ways.  OLF means something special because of the strong religious part of the school, this seems to bond the students and teachers at OLF in a very strong way.  Every person cares about each other and their well-being.  This is not present at other schools, as I have been to many other different schools and have seen the difference.  The OLF family truly is a family.  We all look out for each other and when one person has a problem, we all work together to fix it.  Our Lady of Fatima is a very special school to be a part of.

-Nate C

Our Lady of Fatima Academy is a school which focuses on the academics of the students and the spirituality we have as a family. The teachers push us to go above the expectations we, the students, set for ourselves to achieve and, they don’t accept mediocre work from students. They explain the concepts of our curriculum thoroughly and prepare us for high school by helping us overcome our struggles. There is a school Mass every Wednesday of the week and this has helped me go deeper in my faith with God, building a stronger relationship everyday. We have learned to not be afraid of taking steps in our life to understand the responsibilities of being a true Catholic. OLF guides us to becoming great students and challenges us to obtain the habit of having outstanding grades. We are taught to fulfill the works that God would want us to fulfill.
-Jessie B

I have had many amazing memories during the time I have been at OLF. My three favorite memories were traveling to extremely educational and enjoyable field trips; Science Camp, Channel Islands and the Jet Propulsion Laboratories. One of the most important things OLF taught me was perseverance. I have learned to always try my best and even if I make mistakes in life, it is important to learn from those mistakes and move forward. OLF has definitely improved me as a person and has been a very crucial part of my life by bringing me closer to God.
–Casey N

OLF gives a good education. I get to learn a lot of different things. The teachers are really nice. I have been at OLF since TK so I have lots of good memories. OLF inspires me to be a teacher. I never want to leave.
–Gina R

As the year comes to an end, we just wanted to let you know that our first year here at Our Lady of Fatima was beyond anything we imagined it would be. For several years and after several schools, we have found the perfect home for our twins and are proud to be a part of the OLF family.
We are huge advocates of this school and are anxious to spread the world about the happiest 2nd place on earth !( Disneyland being the first!!!!).We wanted to thank you and all the staff for such dedication, love and support for every student and every parent!!! Mrs. Levinson, first grade ..as you know, she is one of a kind!
We hope you have a wonderful summer.

-Mr. and Mrs. Forte, OLF Parents

My name is Charlotte and I am ten years old. I have been attending Our Lady of Fatima School for four and a half years. To me, OLF is like an amazing family and when I am at OLF it’s like a second home. The most important things about OLF is that I get an amazing education and the teachers are very nice. There are many reasons why I love my school. I love my school because of my friends, the amazing teachers, and there is no bullying.