Stories of Jesus Love, RCL Benziger

We will focus on God’s unending love for us through bible stories, songs and traditional prayers.

Personal and Social Development

TK students will develop as sense of self and abilities.  They will begin to show initiative in learning and taking responsibility for their behavior.  They will learn ways to communicate their needs and feelings and build friendships.  These skills are taught through games, large and small group learning, circle time activities, one-to-one/student activities and outdoor play.

Language Arts

Using weekly themes, TK students will be introduced to language and literacy concepts with books, puppets, pocket charts, journals, classroom library, weekly formal library time, and computers.  Language arts skills are incorporated across the curriculum to give all children the foundation of listening, comprehension, speech and vocabulary to prepare them for advancement.


TK students will develop math skills such as counting, sorting, classifying, graphing, and estimating.  We will practice problem solving and critical thinking. Students learn through structured and free choice activities that include folder games, tangrams, Unifix cubes, sorting tins, classifying materials, beading, patterning, sorting games and board work.


Children will be encouraged to demonstrate their creativity and learning through digital technologies.  Using iPads and PC’s, children have opportunities to explore touch screens and develop mouse and keyboarding skills. Children will explore digital storytelling in order to create digital books and record dramatic play in the classroom for display on the classroom webpage.

Science/Social Studies

TK students will be exposed to physical, life and earth sciences through the study of the life cycle of plants and animals.  Students will learn about citizenship, geography and history through books, calendar, celebrations, classroom jobs, and friend of the week posters.

Fine Arts

TK students will explore art, music, music class, and dramatic play through a variety of media and art materials and through creative movement, singing, dancing and using their bodies to represent ideas and experiences.

Physical Education /Health and Safety

TK students will learn fine and gross motor skills through games, and hands-on activities. Students will learn healthy life practices through books, songs, games and instruction about proper hand washing and personal hygiene.  Good nutrition and exercise is taught at snack and lunch times, as well as circle time activities.