Stories of God’s Love, RCL Benziger

• Focus on awareness of God and the wonders of God’s creation
• Develop an understanding of how to show love to all children of God, particularly in their families and among friends
• Develop awareness of prayer as talking to God
• Sing sacred songs
• Attend Mass
• Listen and respond to Bible stories
• Reinforcement of spiritual values across the curriculum



The Superkids Reading Program, Rowland Reading

• Focus on the alphabet and on developing phonemic awareness as a foundation for reading and writing skills
• Develop strong blending, decoding, and fluency skills while building vocabulary and comprehension
• Begin to read simple words and sentences
• Recognition of high frequency words
• Strengthen communication skills by listening and speaking in class discussions
• Language arts are applied across the curriculum
• Cross-curricular integration of Science and Social Studies related components



My Math, McGraw-Hill

ST Math, MIND Research Institute

• Recognize patterns, classify objects, identify shapes, and work with graphs
• Develop number sense by counting, ordering and comparing numbers, and by doing simple addition and subtraction
• Online ST Math content objectives reinforces math concepts whereby students use abstract, quantitative, and creative reasoning to solve non-routine problems using their highest level of thinking
• STAR Math, concept/standard based assessment administered three times a year enables teachers to monitor student’s data driven progress to guide instruction.



Generation Genius

Discovery Education Videos

• Discover basic attributes of common plants and animals, particularly mammals
• Explore fundamental aspects of our physical environment–air, water, land, weather, and seasons
• Students  investigate, research and create projects to further extend their knowledge and mastery of concepts



• Introduction to basic spatial and temporal orientation (i.e., directions such as right/left, above/below, etc.)
• Beginnings to understand the calendar and clock
• Explore the significance of major holidays, emphasizing how events and people of the past influence the present
• Develop an appreciation for the basic elements of good citizenship



• Children have every opportunity to express themselves through art, drama, music, piano, song, play and by using their imagination and talent
• Fine arts are an integral part at this developmental stage; Spanish, Music, Piano, Art and Technology



• Opportunity to play games and be active throughout the day
• Basic motor skills and health are nurtured to develop the whole child