1st Grade




Be My Disciple, RCL Benziger
Family Life, RCL Benziger

Students focus on the many gifts God gives us and the learning and reciting of prayers. Units of study include Jesus as our teacher and role model, Mary, Our Blessed Mother, and the lives of the Saints, the Holy Spirit, and an introduction to the Catholic Church.



The Superkids Reading Program, Rowland Reading
Accelerated Reader, Renaissance Learning

In first grade, students enjoy more of the Superkids’ adventures in stories, songs, poems, and plays. Students learn more complex letter-sound relationships. They continue to develop their decoding and encoding skills by reading longer stories and nonfiction mini-magazines whereby comprehension and reading fluency acquisition are emphasized to support their path towards becoming independent readers. The skills of phonetic and structural analysis, spelling, vocabulary, phonics, and the grammar and mechanics of writing are integrated and learned in multiple modalities – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic – to reinforce language learning. Daily word work assists the students in developing the foundational skills they need to become successful readers and writers. Reading comprehension and fluency are emphasized through engaging fiction and informational texts. Each writing unit focuses on one genre of writing: narrative, descriptive, informative/explanatory, opinion, poetry, or correspondence, revisited multiple times throughout the school year. Interactive library books, online games, informational magazines support the student’s individual paths of successful learning across the curriculum.



My Math, McGraw-Hill
ST Math, MIND Research Institute

Students are inspired to embrace math through meaningful real-world applications. Students are challenged through three components of rigor: conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application woven with equal intensity throughout the learning year that enables students to steadily grow in their math ability and confidence. Students engage daily with a variety of resources to make literacy connections, strategically build vocabulary, problem solve and integrate digital resources and hands-on applications.

Students develop number sense through addition and subtraction facts, place value, explore basic patterns, graphing, geometry, and fractions and are introduced to concepts in statistics and probability. First graders connect math with real-life applications that focus on understanding of money, measurement, time, and problem-solving such as creating a “First Grade Mall.”

The daily integration of the ST Math online program and 1:1 iPad utilization reinforces the acquisition of skills and allows for differentiated learning opportunities. The online ST Math content objectives reinforces math concepts whereby students use abstract, quantitative, and creative reasoning to solve non-routine problems using their highest level of thinking. In addition, STAR Math, concept/standard based assessment administered three times a year enables teachers to monitor student’s data driven progress to guide instruction.



Science TechBook, Discovery Education
Take a Closer Look, McGraw-Hill

STEM infused science in first grade is celebrated through the seasons that correlate with physical, earth, and life sciences. From the study of how plants and animals meet their needs to mammals to the metamorphosis of the butterfly to the hands-on experiments of the different properties of solids, liquids, and gases. Students observe measure and describe weather. Bi-weekly, the students participate in the hands-on, active learning Brain Storm, program, a STEM based education course of study. Students are introduced to the Scientific Method by engaging in classroom hands-on experiments, oral observation, report writing and participating in the annual Science Fair. Students utilize their Science TechBook to investigate research and create projects to further extend their knowledge and mastery of concepts.This interactive, NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) aligned program with an integrated approach to learning via extensive multimedia technology-based content, hands-on activities, and virtual labs to provide rich and engaging grade-level content learning experiences. Students become immersed in the work of scientists and engineers within the realm of earth science, life science, and physical science by:

  • exploring the overarching themes of science
  • asking shared inquiry questions
  • making claims
  • supporting claims with evidence
  • designing solutions to real-world problems
  • develop the practices that scientists and engineers use daily, and
  • identify the cross-cutting connections between science



Social Studies, Harcourt Brace

Students explore the vocabulary and basic concepts of good citizenship, geography, history, and economics. They learn map and globe skills that include how to read and draw maps that include a key, create a timeline, and know our neighboring countries. American History comes alive as first graders meet Johnny Appleseed, Christopher Columbus, the Indians of the Plains, and famous Presidents, to name a few, through rich literature, musical drama, art and hands-on activities. Special units include Women in History, Heroes, and Black History Month. During our school-wide International Day, students visit ten countries to learn key facts and pertinent cultural information.



Children have every opportunity to express themselves through art, drama, music, piano, song, play and by using their imagination and talent. Fine arts are an integral part at this developmental stage. The students participate weekly in specialized classes:
Technology Class



Students are provided twice weekly opportunities to learn and grow athletically and be active throughout the day.  Basic motor skills and health are nurtured to develop the whole child twice weekly.