About Us

Academic rigor in a welcoming learning environment is at the heart of Our Lady of Fatima Academy. Our students are supported and encouraged to reach their full academic potential in a family-centered, technology-driven institution of learning.

Credentialed, nurturing, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers staff the academy, a 21st-century learning community founded in 1965. Nestled among the rolling hills of San Clemente with a view of the Pacific Ocean, the dynamic, TK-8th grade school prides itself on academic rigor and lofty expectations for its students.

We work to ensure that each child’s learning needs are met with individualized instruction and tailored teaching approaches. As a result, Catholic high schools accept 100 percent of our graduates, and most of them are placed into Honors and/or Advanced Placement courses.


Our Philosophy

We believe that…………..

+Parents are the primary educators

+Education is a life-long learning process and that partnering between school staff

and parents is essential to building a foundation for subsequent learning experiences

+Our primary goals are to foster a growing intimate personal relationship with God,

that is rooted in faith and nourished through sacraments, and instill Gospel values

+Each individual is uniquely gifted and is entitled to our support in maximizing his/her


+We are always growing and it is that within community that we are challenged to make


+The purpose of education is not only the acquiring of information but also the formation

of the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, problem solve, utilize resources,

and practice life skills

+Such an education will ultimately result in a responsible person who is prepared for

leadership in the world and for active participation in building God’s kingdom

+Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes,

the model of its staff, and the inspiration of its students